Strainer/End Assemblies

Fence Stays and Strainer Post Assemblies by Fencestay are expertly designed to combine strength, reliability, and ease of use for anyone installing a wire fence. Without the need for contractors, digging, welding or concrete... Fencestay end assemblies and strainer post assemblies are made with functionality for Australian landowners in mind. FenceStay's standard FS-1000 strainer post assemblies are made for use with either Star pickets or Fencestay’s std 48mm OD Fishmouthed posts,  absolutely perfect for rural properties and farming. They are excellent for fast and easy installation of temporary or permanent fence lines. Fencestay’ s FS-2000 End Assemblies are perfect for permanent fence lines or where high stock pressure is expected. There's no need for any digging, concrete or contractors to build a fence line when using Fencestay end assemblies.

Fishmouth Posts

Fencestay’s Standard FS-1015, 40mm N.B.(48mm OD) galvanized steel fence posts for use with the FS-1000 End Assemblies from Fencestay come with fence post caps to keep them neat and prevent animals from hurting themselves. Fencestay steel fence posts are sheared to a point at one end to make them easy to drive firmly into the ground using the FS-1031 Manual Post Driver. Fencestay’s HD FS-2015, 65mm N.B. (76mm OD) galvanized steel fence posts for use with the FS-2000 End Assemblies from Fencestay have welded caps to help with driving and keep stock safe. Fencestay steel fence posts are sheared to a point at one end to make them easy to drive firmly into the ground using the FS-2031 20Kg Manual Post Driver, or a petrol or pneumatic driver. Steel fence posts are proven not to decay and are resistant to rust, bushfire, flood and termites. Fencestay products are made for Australian rural and farming properties. 

Gate Hardware Kits from Fencestay complete the farm fencing tasks with strength and quality. Gate hardware kits from Fencestay come with everything you need to hang a standard 25mm galvanised fence gate easily and quickly. The kits come with all the bolts, screws and brackets you will need to hang the gate on either FS-1015 or FS-2015 Fencestay Fishmouthed posts. They also come with a chain and locking catch, everything you need to hang your gate..

Post Drivers are designed to make short work of driving posts on farm fencing and rural properties. The FS-10301 14kg Full-Length post driver is great for driving Fencestay galvanized steel fence posts or Star pickets to correct depth, set at 1200mm internally. The FS-2030 20 Kg Full Length Manual Post Driver, is a two person operation designed for driving in the FS-2015 HD posts or Maxi Star Pickets. Both manual fence post drivers have ergonomic handles that run the length of the hand tool making them efficient to use.


The Fencestay FS-4030 Barbed Wire Trolley provides a simple and safer way to run barbed wire.  The trolley is lightweight and with large solid tyres makes it really easy to roll out barbed wire along the length of the fence line Great for easily and safely rolling out barbed wire, Electric fence wire or regular fencing wire off a spool. The adjustable folding handle makes storage easy. And there are mounting holes for towing behind your vehicle or ATV.

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